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Mahrastra Divas

Mahrastra Divas

Parallelly, another movement called Mahagujarat Movement started. The latter’s demand was to have a separate state for all the Gujarati-speaking people. These movements were marred with frequent clashed between the two groups demanding a separate state for their community. Finally, peace was restored with the introduction of the Bombay Reorganization Act.

How the celebrations of Maharashtra Day take place?

The day starts with a parade at Shivaji Park, Dadar. The Governor of the state along with the state reserve police, home guards, Mumbai Police, BMC Force, traffic police, among others take part in the parade. Several events are held showcasing the culture and traditions of Maharashtra.

Flag hoisting also takes place at the respective district headquarters in the presence of dignitaries as they commemorate the day with tributes to martyrs on this day. Personalities from various backgrounds such as sports persons, police officials, and doctors are rewarded in recognition of this notable service to the state.

Maharashtrian people are also celebrating Maharashtra Diwas by giving the traditional Lavani performances – narration of poems written by Marathi saints, while processions are held across the state. The State government and several private companies do the launching of new projects and schemes on Maharashtra Day.

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