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  • 13 Mar 2022
Academic Credit System now in India

In July 2021, the UGC formed norms for the establishment of an Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) that would help students learn subjects of their choice from multiple colleges and varsities at the same time.According to the UGC notification, the Academic Bank of Credits shall be a national-level facility to promote flexibility of curriculum framework and interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary academic mobility of students across Higher Education Institutions in the country.This will be done with an appropriate credit transfer mechanism that shall facilitate students to choose their own learning path to attain a degree, a diploma, a postgraduate diploma or any other academic qualification.The college course credit system is a standard used by universities to evaluate a students' progress during one’s course of study.Academic credits, often known as college course credits, are a crucial component of international education. It assists students in numerous ways as it enables multiple benefits for students:Reduces costs significantly: College course credits when pursued online can significantly reduce costs for students aspiring to study abroad as they are offered at less than 20% of the cost of pursuing them on a campus.Accommodate flexibility and time: To work at their own pace, enroll in extra courses, and customize their curriculum to their specific interests/needsPaves the way to dream universities: Earning credits help students immensely in strengthening their applications to top universities.

Report- Dr Chittaranjan Sahoo.

Credit To Dr Chittaranjan Sahoo.

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