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  • 13 Mar 2022
PM Modi dedicates building of Rashtriya Raksha University to Nation

 PM Modi has dedicated the building of Rashtriya Raksha University to the welfare of the nation on March 12. On his first convocation address at Ahmedabad for the university, the Prime Minister said that after independence, there was a need for reforms in the country's security apparatus."Post-independence, there was a need for reforms in the country's security apparatus. A perception was developed that we have to be careful of the uniformed personnel. But it has transformed now. When people see uniformed personnel now, they get the assurance of help", PM Modi said.He urged all the students of the university, that they should always keep the values of humanity as an integral part of their uniform and there should be no compromise in it and their efforts.Rashtriya Raksha University provides students with different academic courses related to policing and internal securityThese include courses such as police science and management, criminal law and justice, cyberpsychology, information technology, artificial intelligence, and cyber security, crime investigation, strategic languages, internal defence, and strategies, physical education, and sports, coastal and maritime security.These courses range from diploma to doctorate level.

Report- Dr Chittaranjan Sahoo.

Credit To Dr Chittaranjan Sahoo.

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