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Ministry of Education wins best tableau award

Ministry of Education wins best tableau award

The Ministry of Education has been awardedas the best tableau award, presented on the 73rd Republic Day. The tableau this year had showed the different aspects of National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) through the theme ‘Vedas to Metaverse’.Starting from Vedas, the front part of the tableau showcased the tradition and past of the country in the field of education since ancient times. This was followed by glimpses of the Gurukul schooling system, and then the world renowned universities such as Nalanda, which used to attract students and scholars from all over the world.The rear part started with a prop that symbolised creativity, technological advancement and innovation. Along with that, students of different age groups and backgrounds around the edges of the tableau depicted skill development. THis tableau also highlighted the advancement in technologies of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Report-Dr Chittaranjan Sahoo.

Credit To Dr Chittaranjan Sahoo.

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