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Puri Srimandira to be shut for devotees on Dussehra

Puri: Devotees will not be allowed inside Srimandira, the famous Lord Jagannath temple of Puri in Odisha on Dussehra, October 15. However, the daily rituals of the holy trinity in the temple will continue.

According to the reports, on the occasion of Kumar Purnima, devotees will be allowed to pay obeiscience in the temple on October 18.

Also, the Srimandir Chhatisha Nijog Committee set in a meeting today to take decision regarding the month of Kartika.

This year there will be restrictions on visiting of Habisyalis to Puri. The decision was taken in the Chhatisha Nijog meeting today.

Following the meet by the Niti Subcommittee and Finance Subcommittee, the Chhatisha Nijoy meeting was held today at the Niladri Bhakta Nivas in Puri. In the Finance Subcommittee meeting a budget of Rs 190,26,5306 has been proposed for the year 2021-22.

Today the schedule was fixed for the month of Kartika that is from October 16 to November 19. While the temple will be shut for devotees on Dusshera it will be open during Kumara Purnima on October 20. In a day or two the rectified SOP will be issued, said the Temple administration.

The administration has asked Habisyalis not to visit Puri during the month of Kartika though there is no restriction on darshan. In the month of November the temple will be shut for devotees on November 4 due to Dipawali, Nov 15 for Ekadasi and Nov 19 for Kartika Purnima.

The standard operating procedure (SOP) will be issued in the next two days in this connection.

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